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Shivali Gulati is a high school junior from California. In December 2018, she founded Girl Genius Magazine, an online magazine created by aspiring girls in STEAM (science, technology, engineering…


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Proud Peacock

Resident Peacock at IISER Mohali campus — photo by Vidya Sury ©

Photography | Pet People | March 2022

March Six Word Photo Story Challenge: “Pet People”

Get a load of that eye-candy! (Ooh! That’s another six words!) So this peacock, along with his friends, enjoyed the run of the campus. They’d surprise you by knocking at your second-floor window as they woo-ed their ladies, they’d sit on top of your car, or simply walk as slowly as they possibly could across the road while we patiently waited for them to pass.

These friendly neighborhood peacocks are from my son’s old campus where he studied for five years. We visited the campus often and loved to stay at their guest house which was just across from the “forest” where the peacocks came from. While we ooh-ed and aah-ed over them, the campus residents simply rolled their eyes and carried on with their day. I mean…how could one possibly ignore a peacock with its train trailing behind it, or when it suddenly decided to show off by spreading it wide and dancing in front of you?

I miss those trips so very much. Did I tell you I once saw 15 — yes — 15 baby peachicks on their basketball court? So cute. I thought I would walk to the main gate and take a pic on my way back but they had disappeared. I later caught them tumbling over the fence near the guest house, with their “mom” calling out to them. Sweet sight! Had never seen peachicks before!

Please go look at the lovely pet photos of my friends via the home page:

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