The Third Richest Person in Missouri Is One of the Most Successful African Americans in the Country

He founded his company in St. Louis, not San Francisco. He is 100% self-made and inherited no money from his family. He came from humble beginnings, but never let that stop him from becoming one of…


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Geography and Economics

How the geography of a country determines its historical economical development

If you discovered an Earth-like planet with a telescope so powerful that you could see where the oceans, rivers, landmass and mountains are, but not what the cities look like, could you still predict where the wealth and poor countries are?

Likewise could aliens peering at the earth, seeing the major geography, but being incapable of actually viewing the people, our buildings and lifestyles, be able to guess where the wealthy and poor countries are located?

If you look at the made up landmasses I’ve shown below, could you guess which of these would likely experience the most rapid economic progress and which ones the slowest?

Made up countries or landmasses with different geography. Judging by just the geography, which ones would see most rapid economic development? Total land area and population assumed to be the same.

All of these landmasses are made up of the same number of small squares so they are equally large. We may assume that resource distribution and population distribution are initially the same. Over time the distribution of population will start diverging.

I will predict the following ranking in economic development, from most successful to least successful: 4, 5, 2, 6, 3, 7 and 1.

Lets go through the many factors contributing to this conclusions, starting with perhaps the most important thing for all early economic development.

He compares transportation of good from London to Edinburgh in Scotland by land transport with sea…

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