The Complex Simplicity of Twitter

Twitter is deceptively simple. Other social media platforms have thrived off variety and depth, but Twitter has stuck to its fundamentals basically throughout its entire existence. How did a failing…


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How can a business thrive using Task Management?

Task management tools are of use for everyone- be it a small company or a fortune 100 company. It supports simple individual assignments to corporate chores management activities. Until and unless you don’t know what and when to do, you will not be able to figure out how to do it. Now credit where credit is due , a lot of businesses that are huge now may not have needed a task management tools in their initial stages and have made it this far. Come to think of it, task management and project management are terms which have been thrown around since 1954 when a US Air Force general used it for military purposes. Long before that, task developments were tracked using floating charts, also very popular still Gantt system which was a more refined method of tracking progress, was also introduced a couple of years later.

As of now, 77% of the companies and a whopping 87% of the high-performance companies use project/task management tools. At least 62% of the businesses have resolved to management tools to track the time and funds allocated to projects, 38% businesses turn to these tools as they feel there is lack of integration between the resources that are deployed in projects. Again, something that is of great importance, to raise morale and to continue putting in the hard work, visibility of progress is an indispensable use of the management tools.

Imagine a cosmetic company’s assistant brand manager, when he/she joins in she may think that her primary job is to assist her boss with the brand management. But every job is ever-changing, this month he/she could be working on the pricing aspect but the next month she could be working with the marketing team and coming up with marketing strategies for a new release. Every job is a series of projects that come and go, sometimes convenient and sometimes inconvenient.

When a business selects its management tools, they have to diagnose the areas in which they need such tools. Some of the most sought after features a company looks for could be easy to manoeuvre should help with homogenizing the ongoing projects and also should be directly from the horse’s mouth. 66% of the companies have said that they choose project management tools based on the support available. The functionality of the tool should be prioritized above any other feature. Some popular functions used by companies when they use these tools include status reports, documentation, desk tickets, work orders etc. 76% of the respondents have said that they are either “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with the management tools they have employed.

The growth in demand for such tools has also resulted in the generation of demand for project management professionals and software. With automation and well-organized management tools, task management helps to do more with fewer resources. The communication is better, effective association, optimal resource utilization helps in running a business smoothly and all these factors give the business an edge over its competitors as it helps in the following:

Maximize productivity:

Any business’s top goal is always to magnify productivity because being productive leads to being profitable. There may not be a direct trackable link between being productive and being successful, but it is evident in many life situations that being productive has led to the success of some kind. With task management tools on hand, it is more feasible for a business to assign, prioritize, manage and complete tasks with said tools and helping by automating and streamlining tasks hence, increasing yield.

Elevated approachability:

Ever since cloud computing blew up, it has also made a spot for cloud-based management tools. There is no need to download or install such tools, neither does it require expensive hardware. It can be approached round the clock by people who have access to it and an active internet connection. The physical location of people who have access to the tools is disregarded as it can be accessed anywhere.

Crew association:

It is extremely important that all the members of the team work in a cohesive manner and it is the duty of the project manager to keep a tab on that. It would be absolutely redundant that every member is moving in a different direction and it is the exact opposite of maximizing productivity. Creating a team spirit with open communication and everyone is clear about what they need to do results in morale boost and hence increase in productivity.

Roger Martin, former dean of Rotman School of Management wrote a piece in Harvard Business Review comparing “work” to a series of projects. In the same article, he describes that the future of the business world is going to depend on knowledge and project-based approach by referencing Hollywood movie studios and consulting companies and people who work there will use their speciality knowledge learned from school or experience in the organizing principle which is the project.

The modern business system is increasingly structured as knowledge-based and project-defined. In such a model, every employee is a project manager, regardless of their title. Thus, it’s time to build projects around people and here’s where project/task management software comes into the picture and helps with the absolute most.

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