How Low Entropy Improves Productivity And Happiness

How Low Entropy Improves Productivity And Happiness What is entropy and how can it improve our productivity and our happiness?


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Providing a Platform for Girls in STEAM

Shivali Gulati is a high school junior from California. In December 2018, she founded Girl Genius Magazine, an online magazine created by aspiring girls in STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) which provides a platform for girls to learn about women in STEAM, showcase their projects, studies, and works, as well as connect with girls nationwide. Today, her team connects 90+ girls interested in STEAM from over 21 different countries.

Question 1 : Could you tell us about what inspired you to start Girls Genius Magazine?

Question 2 : Teamwork is key to making the dream work. How did you build your team and how do you communicate with them? What makes a good team member? How do you manage such a large team effectively?

In the early stages of Girl Genius Magazine, I primarily reached out to high school girls at my school interested in STEAM and spoke at many female-oriented clubs to bring awareness to this project. In order to reach more girls globally, our team promoted Girl Genius Magazine on platforms such as RoundPier, Instagram, and several slack groups, which led to our great team of 90 girls. During issue one, I communicated with our team through group chats which was initially difficult since I was trying to manage several girls on different time zones for the first time. By leading this team, I can say that a good team member shows support for every team, proposes their ideas to better Girl Genius Magazine, and has strong communication skills. Although Girl Genius Magazine is an online community, we stress the importance of getting to know everyone on your team and learning about their interests. For issue one, I was the only one managing the team, but now I have 13 amazing directors who supervise each team and ensure that each team is productive and has a say in the upcoming issue.

Question 3 : What are the interdisciplinary aspects that go into the creation of the magazine?

With over thirteen teams, I can simply say, there are many! Each team has its own interdisciplinary aspects, but the main aspect would be the intersection of technology and fields of STEAM since everything is produced online. Whether you’re a writer or a financial manager, everything is done using online platforms, so it is vital that our team members have strong technology skills in order to successfully contribute to our team.

Question 4 : How were you able to market Girl Genius Magazine and get readers?

Shivali with Kode With Klossy team at Carbon in Redwood City. Read more at: ChangemakerZ Organization — Media created by and for Generation Z
Shivali with Kode With Klossy team at Carbon in Redwood City

Question 5 : How do you come up with content to feature on your YouTube channel?

Produced by Priyanshi, our first video series, “Letting Off Steam”…

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Shivali’s Handles


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