How can a business thrive using Task Management?

Task management tools are of use for everyone- be it a small company or a fortune 100 company. It supports simple individual assignments to corporate chores management activities. Until and unless…


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The Complex Simplicity of Twitter

Twitter is deceptively simple. Other social media platforms have thrived off variety and depth, but Twitter has stuck to its fundamentals basically throughout its entire existence. How did a failing company become such a powerhouse? How do we incorporate it in our daily lives, and why? The majority of the population has no idea how complicated it is to run this application. It may just be a “simple” tool, but what goes on behind the scenes is pure genius. What began as a side project evolved into a legacy.

Graph of Monthly Active Users in Millions

Trump wasn’t using Twitter as a distraction; he was live tweeting his TV. Never in the history of America has a president been able to connect with the American people in such a fast and effect way. This mere idea began as only a side project but has now developed into a critical form communication between people all over the globe.

In a world of clutter, Twitters simplicity “simply” dominates the competition. Behind the screen of your computer and cellphone is a precisely calculated system that creates countless possibilities; just keep it to 140 characters.

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